Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it Opposite Day?

Is anyone watching Mitt Romney? Is he on crack?

He complains about the liberals in Washington and says we should throw them out and elect John McCain and Sarah Palin!

Huh? Is he saying that George Bush and Dick Cheney are evil liberals?!? He also whines that "it’s time for the party of big ideas, not the party of Big Brother!"

So, does Mittens know that for six of the past eight years, the Republicans have been in charge Washington? And that for all of the last eight years, it's been George Bush who's been running the country into the ground (and tapping Romney's phone?)?

What planet has Mittens been living on? I've been watching this convention since it began and so far, there have been no ideas floating around -- big or little. All I've heard is abortion, abortion, abortion liberals are evil USA USA USA!


John said...

I'm voting for the Hockey Mom

John said...

Change, Change, Change

Keep the Change

June said...

I can barely stand to watch all the larceny...

DSK said...

I didn't watch Romney, but I watched Giuliani. I wonder if his speechwriters even watched Obama's speech at all, or they just don't care that they were writing so many lies. Particularly egregious was Giuliani's insinuation that Obama did not address terrorism or Sept 11th. In reality, he addressed it forcefully, and pointed out McCain's comparative timidity in pursuing a policy which would actually hit our enemies in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

I remember a time when the GOP was a party of ideas. *sigh*