Monday, September 29, 2008

Breaking: bailout fails to pass in the house

It was a narrow defeat. The Dow is plummeting and world markets are getting hammered.

So much for McCain's ability to lead. John McCain was supposed to deliver 100 House Republican votes. He only delivered 65. Democrats were supposed to deliver 120 House Democratic votes, they delivered 140.

Chris Matthews on McCain's recent failed dramatics: "He called 'charge' and the Republicans retreated."


evenrant said...

Give a big hand to Zach Wamp for voting no. Every economist in the country is saying we need this plan and you vote no. I lost 8% of my hard earned retirment today and you lost any chance you had of ever getting my vote.

davidm. said...

I'm not sure what the worst part of my day was: Losing a ton of money because of House politics or not being able to rent season 2 of The Wire at Blockbuster. Tough call.