Saturday, August 16, 2008


On the night when Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal of this Olympic games, let's give him his due, but not forget about some other events of the day...

To start with, it was Old Woman Day in Beijing, with 41-year-old American Dara Torres capturing two silvers in swimming and an incredible gold for 38-year-old Romanian Constantina Diță-Tomescu in the marathon.

And then there was an absolutely jaw-dropping performance from Jamaica's Usain Bolt in the men's 100 metre. Who knows how fast he would have been if he didn't slow down as he approached the ribbon?!?

The whole evening gives me chills!

I don't know if I'll be able to stay up late enough to see Rafa Nadal and Fernando Gonzalez's gold medal match (the live coverage starts at 2am eastern), but it'll be some great tennis! Perhaps it will be rerun tomorrow...

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sravana said...

What about that **33**-year old (on the German team, who is Ukranian or some such and left there because they couldn't help her child who had leukemia)who got the silver in the gymnastic vault???

Also the older Chinese diver who got the gold in the springboard.

I also loved that tiny Jamaican who won the women's 100 meter - going AWAY. crazyfunolympics.
I was visiting the parental units - but I'm back home now, with internet, but NO TV. :|