Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Links

• A team of paleontologists have discovered a huge Stone Age cemetery in the Sahara desert. Here is a woman and two children who were found holding hands, arms outstretched toward each other, with evidence to suggest they were laid to rest on a bed of flowers (follow the link for more photos and a video about the find from National Geographic).

• American team members to watch now that the Olympic games have moved on from swimming to track & field.

• What if Karl Rove were working for the Obama campaign?

This is just the kind of thing that long ago made me resolve to never do business with AT&T again. I found myself on more than one occasion trying to get my money back from AT&T after they over-charged me for lame or inept reasons. For them, screwing customers while hoping they're not paying attention is the #1 item in their business practices manual. And in this case, someone turned their frustration into to a bit of silliness.

• Everyone's favorite East Tennessee politician is back once again! This time, she's talking about Jesse Helms, who she says is a great American. (Of course, as much as I loves me some Griffiny Juneness, I gotta wonder what sort of crack heads are running the KNS these days!)

Sunday roundup of Tennessee liberal bloggers!

The McCain behind the myths.

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