Saturday, August 23, 2008

Senator O'Biden

I'm pretty pleased with Obama's choice for VP. During one of our long road trips this summer, G-Dog and I ran through a long list of possible VPs, trying to predict the nominees on both tickets (both who we wanted to see on the ticket, and who we thought would get the job). My choice (both for who will get picked and who should get picked) was Biden. He's got a great resumé, lots experience as chair of the foreign relations committee and member of the judiciary committee, a willingness to engage in debate, and the ability to think on his feet. For years now, G-Dog has referred to him as "Fightin' Joe Biden," and I think an attack dog is just what the Democrats need in this presidential race, after two presidential campaigns spent in retreat.

As far as Bush's stupid war goes, I wish Biden had not voted to go along with it, but in a city full of Chickenhawks, at least the Biden family has not shied away from making a personal investment in the war: Joe's son, Beau, is set to be deployed in Iraq starting in October.

Biden has a long and strong history with unions and blue collar voters. And unlike John McCain (and potential running mate, Mitt Romney), Joe Biden doesn't have any trouble counting his homes -- he has just one, in Wilmington, Delaware, where he's lived his whole career. He commutes to D.C. on the train every day (yay for being an Amtrak fan!), and doesn't even have the means for multiple homes, as his net worth is reportedly just $150,000. This man, from humble beginnings in Scranton, PA -- a guy who goes home every night and who spent years as a single parent -- knows the value of a hard day's work and understands the struggles of Americans who are losing ground in the Bush/McCain economy.

I think Obama and Biden will make a good team -- that both of them will work hard for the American people in the coming years. They are both intelligent, curious, learned people who have known hard times and have shown dogged determination to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. They did not get to ride on the coattails of their rich fathers or wives to get them ahead in the world, but rather, they figured out how to get there on their own. This is the kind of talent I want to see in the White House next year.


BTW, there were two HUGE reasons that Hillary was never in the running:

1) Hillary was all too happy to go after a fellow democrat in the primary. If Biden provided fodder for the McCain campaign, Hillary would have given them an embarrassment of riches!

2) Bill. Bill refused to be vetted (he doesn't want to talk about his presidential library donors) and he proved to be an uncontrollable liability during the primary.

Also, I think it's worth pointing out this irony: if it weren't for the die-hard Hillary supporters (and their Joe-Lieberman-for-Connecticut-like attachment to a single person over a common goal), we might have ended up with a female on the ticket -- the first woman to ever have a serious shot at the VP job! But their scary insistence that Hillary was the only acceptable choice for either spot on the ticket might have created a fear of alienating already-angry voters even further, taking all other women out of serious consideration. What a sad situation! And what a sad state of affairs for feminism (does the elevation of a single woman to great heights and expectations -- to the exclusion of any other women -- even qualify as feminism?)!


fletch said...

Excellent recap. I think Hillary will have a significant role in an Obama administration. Maybe AG now that Edwards is history, or maybe the SC as you posted previously. The new format is looking good.

Lucy said...

I am glad to read the positive press on Biden. My own impression of him is far less positive. Besides the fact that I think he is an also-ran with single digit support in the primaries (so what makes us think that will be helpful to Obama?), I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. My recollection was that he was less than stellar in those. Maybe this will redeem him - especially if he can let loose on McCain.

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