Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scary Video

This video clip was posted by Norm at One Good Move because the crowd was chanting a colorful phrase about Fox "News" -- but I think the really funny (scary?) part wasn't the crowd, but the half-witted reporter sent in by the supposed news channel. Griff Jenkins, in Denver to see the protests, said he "got ahead" of -- no kidding! -- the "marching thing," and then proceeded to dance around in the crowd with his Fox "News" microphone, asking the protesters, "what are you upset about?" And when people reacted with predictable hostility, he exclaimed, "he refused to speak to me! These people say they believe in freedom of speech but I got roughed up a little bit trying to get some questions in there."

Watch the video. I'm not making this up! The Republican "news" channel actually showed up to do a story about how everyone at the Democratic convention hates Barack Obama,* threw a blockheaded reporter into the midst of a crowd of they called "leftist protesters," and then they pretended to be surprised because these people didn't want to talk to him! And as protester after protester uttered the same phrase in response to his shrieking, the reporter asked them "do you not believe in freedom of speech?"

Since when does believing in free speech mean you're required to talk to every idiot who pushes a microphone in your face? I'm not sure where poor Griff was educated, but apparently he skipped a few classes along the way... There's a fundamental misunderstanding there, and to expose it, let's strip it down to the bare bones:
Fox Dude: Hello. Will you answer some questions?

Protester: No!

Fox Dude: Ack! You don't believe in free speech!!!!
It's a non sequitur.

Putting guys like this on TV is one reason Americans are getting "stupider." Is Fox leading the charge in this effort?

*OK, that's an exaggeration, but does every Republican love John McCain? No (hello, Huckabee). So, why do they think it's breaking news if a few Clinton supporters aren't wild about Barack Obama?

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Keera said...

To answer your footnote: PUMA - people being so pro-Hillary they become pro-McCain just to avoid being pro-Obama is definitely news.