Friday, August 15, 2008

Running on Stolen Property

John McCain is not a well-liked candidate, even within his own party, but there's one group among whom he is apparently particularly unpopular: the creative minds who set our toes a-tappin'. But perhaps part of the reason they don't like him (you know, besides his dishonesty, greed, corruption and cruel politics) is the fact that he and his colleagues don't have any respect for intellectual property. Either that, or they're too stupid to learn from previous missteps, since they keep repeating the same blunder: using the property of others without getting permission first. Jackson Browne is their latest victim, but there have been others, including John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, ABBA, and Frankie Valli.

Even though these hapless campaigners didn't ask for my assistance, my generosity of spirit compels me to try to help...

Here's free clue #1, Republicans: if the song wasn't written by a redneck, the author probably isn't going to let you use it, and no matter what, you should definitely ask first.

And here's free clue #2: if the artist in question has spent the last 30 years working against the very policies you've supported, he's undoubtedly not going to take kindly to your ripping him off.

UPDATE: it turns out, last week was a big one for the intellectual-property-pillaging McCainites. They also stole from Wayne's World!


Keera said...

The more I read about McCain these days, the more I believe he has one of Reagan's qualifications: Alzheimer's.

A Free Man said...

Maybe they need to pick a Ted Nugent song for their campaign, I'm guessing he'd be OK with supporting the G.O.P. That being said, the Nuge may not like McCain's flip flopping on drilling either.