Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jerry Days

I just realized we're back around to Jerry days again (time flies!).

Aiko, aiko, everyone!


Keera said...

Your wikipedia link did everything except explain "aiko, aiko". For those of us not versed in Dead stuff, what does aiko mean?

BTW, during my trip, inability to sleep right away exposed me to a Grateful Dead song at one point. Not bad! And it made me think of you. :-)

alice said...

Whoopsie! It's a lyric from a traditional song that was often performed by the Dead. The spelling somehow morphed from the customary Iko Iko to Aiko Aiko, which is more commonly found in the Greatful Dead community. There were, of course, plenty of variations in the lyrics from show to show. If you want, you can see/hear one version performed by the Dead here.

Keera said...

Ah, I know the song "Iko, Iko". A favorite, actually. Thanks for the video link!