Friday, August 29, 2008

Here we go!

The tickets are set. Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin. If you thought Campaign '08 was crazy before, just wait until after the holiday weekend!


Keera said...

OK, I could make so many R-rated jokes about McCain and his penchant for skirts. Oops, nearly made one. ;-) I like Wikipedia's description of Palin; she seems like a good person. But choosing her tells me McCain is afraid of Obama's youth.

Sandy on Signal said...

This was a reckless decision by McCain. Palin just became a Governor of Alaska in 2007. Does Alaska even face the issues the rest of the country faces? No. It may face some but I would like to hear Palin try to talk about the environment, infrastructure, healthcare, the Shiites & Sunnis, Georgia, Ossetia, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyoto treaty, the Eurasian Council (Russia's builidng it to be a counter to NATO), carbon emissions, extraordinary rendition, torture, and war crimes. McCain failed miserably on these subjects. I wonder how the former Mayor of a town of 8000 (smaller than Signal Mountain) would do on policy in these areas.

McCain in trying to chose a woman to appease the PUMA's overlooked several good Republican woman, such as: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Kay Bailey Hutchins, and even Elizabeth Dole. I am not on their page politically but I do know they are astute in foreign and domestic policy.

June said...

Not sure what McCain was thinking as there were indeed other Republican women who had more experience/knowledge. The only thing they didn't have was youth, so I guess that was the deciding factor.

DSK said...

As others elsewhere have said, this choice sort of defeats McCain's argument that Obama hasn't been in national politics long enough. As opposed to Obama, who *is* ready to be president, I would need some major convincing to think that Palin was (and that has to be a real concern, given McCain's health). I don't know enough about Palin yet, but I'm not seeing it thus far.

The one thing I suppose this choice has going for it for McCain: during the VP debate, Biden is going to look like a big meanie going after McCain, with such a "nice person" personality like Palin opposite him.

Julie L said...

I for one am looking forward to the Biden/Palen debate. o_O

Biden will have to tread lightly - but in the end, this choice was pandering to female Hillary supporters who don't have 1/2 a brain to know which side their bread is buttered on.

I think that Palen is a terrible choice. To have someone so woefully unqualified the cliched "heartbeat away" from the CIC/highest office in the land?

Julie L said...

I agree with Sandy - just last night I heard a soundbite of our Senator Kay Bailey, and I thought "WTF? *She* is a much better choice for the VP slot!"

Simply insane.