Monday, August 11, 2008

Focus on Being a Jerk

This is an incredible illustration of why James Dobson's Focus on the Family is a just a steaming pile of -- well, a sham.
A video producer for Focus on the Family is asking people to pray for rain when Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) makes his speech at the end of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Obama is giving his acceptance speech outdoor at Invesco Field at Mile High on Thursday, Aug. 28.
What?!? Praying for the event to go poorly? What is Christian about that?!? What's next? Praying for Obama to stub his toe? Have a car accident?

What if they pray for rain, and it does rain -- and someone is struck by lightning and dies? Will they be proud of themselves for properly disrupting the event?

I've always known that James Dobson -- who encourages people to beat their children -- is a mean, petty man, and the fact that he hasn't condemned this suggestion just confirms my opinion. He should focus on his own problems before he turns his beady little eyes on others.

UPDATE: if they're ashamed enough to pull the video, why don't they condemn the suggeston?

UPDATE: Christianity's greatest patriot is on it (or is that patriotism's greatest christian?).

UPDATE: And the drama continues!

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Burr Deming said...

Our site takes a somewhat unbalanced view of Brother Dobson. Yours is actually a bit more charitable. Thanks for adding your comment to the blogging universe.