Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Check your RSS feed and Bookmarks

I've moved thorg.com to my own hosting servers, and am working on getting the blog moved over as well. In the meantime, you may or may not need to update your bookmarks and/or rss feeds. The new (same old) blog URL is http://blog.thorg.com/ and if that's what you've been using all along you should be OK. But if your bookmark or rss feed includes any kind of reference to chattablogs.com, it's going to stop working soon (the blog at http://chattablogs.com/thorg/ won't be updated anymore and will disappear at some point).

UPDATE: if you were using the old rss feed (http://blog.thorg.com/atom.xml), you need to change it to http://blog.thorg.com/?feed=rss2

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