Thursday, July 31, 2008

Speaking of Elitism...

How many of y'all out there can afford to drop over $500 on a single pair of shoes (update: more here)?

Here's John McCain riding around in a golf cart (with the father of the bungler he now wants to pretend he never loved), wearing calfskin Italian loafers that retail for $520 at Neiman Marcus (via Joe My God). Keep in mind, if John McCain gets his way, these (McCain and Bush) will continue to enjoy the huge tax cuts they got under the Boy King's administration (god forbid they should have to shop at Shoe Circus with the rest of us!).

And here's Barack Obama -- the guy John McCain claims is an elitist (via What Do I Know?). Now, we're the ones he wants to see get a cut in taxes -- in fact, he's proposed a $1000 tax cut for the middle class (yeah, that wouldn't even buy two pairs of shoes for John McCain, but for the rest of us, it's a lot of money!) while letting the Ferragamo class chip in a little extra.

In other news, yesterday the NYTimes said that "the candidate who started out talking about high-minded, civil debate has wholeheartedly adopted Mr. Rove's low-minded and uncivil playbook" while the WaPo put it less subtly (on the front page, no less!), "McCain Charge Against Obama Lacks Evidence." McCain is really building a fine reputation for himself as a desperate liar -- let's see how well that works for him (I have to admit, it never bothered George Bush!).

And finally, here's an interesting suggestion: that maybe Old Sourpuss is just as enamored with Obama as the rest of the world.

This is shaping up to be a really weird election.


A Free Man said...

That's a great visual dichotomy. I'd like to see that on the Fox 'news'.

Carl said...


Do you really and truly believe the whole "Republicans are bad, Democrats are good" spiel you sometimes give? I am sincerely curious. I am not asking the question sarcastically. Hopefully you'll remember the high opinion I do have of you, as recorded in an email I sent to you a while ago. But like I said, I am curious. Do you really believe this stuff about the 'Bush kingdom,' the shoes? Or is it part hype, part fun, etc.?



DSK said...

Here's one of the top reasons (of many) that I wouldn't vote for McCain. I'm sure when he said he was going to run a clean campaign, he meant it. It's just that his intentions are irrelevant. He can't control his low minded and corrupt friends. It's been the same story again and again while he was senator, and it will be the same story if he becomes president. Frankly, I'd prefer not to live a repetition of the Grant administration.

Keera said...

1) My uncle used to be prez of Cole Haan shoes and that's one reason he could generously let my mother have his share of the inheritance after their mother, so I have no problem with $500 shoes.

2) What's up with a US senator who cannot bother to get his shoes resoled? What does Obama do - wear them to irreparability rather than take care of them (and his feet), which would make them last longer? It's not admirable (or even ecologically sound); it's what's wrong with today's consumerist thinking.

alice said...

Carl, thanks for the comment. I do remember your email, which was very kind.

I assume you're talking about previous posts, since in this one, I criticized only specific Republicans, and not all Republicans. I do make a effort to avoid sweeping generalizations about all Republicans, since I am aware that they are not all evil. As a matter of fact, my father recently stepped down after serving for 40 years as a local Republican party official and my brother currently holds an elected office as a Republican. Further, on more than one occasion on this blog, I have expressed my admiration for Barber Conable, the Republican Congressman who served my district for years as I was growing up.

But, yeah, I do really believe that George W. Bush is the worst president the US has ever had, and that he's done grave harm to our country. And yeah, I also genuinely think it is ridiculous that McCain -- who married into a beer fortune (which he then used to secure himself a seat in the Senate), lives in as many as ten homes (he's not sure), and wears $500 shoes while asking humble Americans to contribute their hard-earned money to his campaign -- is trying to portray Obama as the elitist.

I'd even take it a step further. I think it's silly when McCain whines about about the fact that Obama is popular, smart or a good speaker as though Obama is not playing fair -- those are good traits! We want a president who can think and speak well (after the past eight years, won't that be refreshing?!?) and we want a president who can be well-liked around the world.

Bush has been a disaster for this country and I think McCain would be just as bad, if not worse. McCain is a warmonger who has let it slip that he's eager to start yet another war in Iran and has no interest in getting out of Iraq. And I have no idea how he plans to pay for this escalation in military spending, except maybe with returning to a Reaganesque attitude toward deficit spending, or by taking a cue from Bush and just hiding from the spending by keeping it out of the budget -- I don't think either method is conservative in any way, shape or form. But McCain's problem will be that he's painted himself into a corner in terms of taxes, so he'll have to come up with the money some other way. He has admitted to having a lack of knowledge about the economy, and up until recently, his closest adviser on economic matters was Phil Gramm, the man we can thank for our high gas prices AND the mortgage crisis. McCain is a disaster waiting to happen. And so far in his campaign, I haven't heard him making a case for why he would be a good president -- he just keeps trying to convince us that we should be afraid of Obama.

So, that's stuff I'll be talking about here leading up to November. I'll also be working on some posts detailing why I support Obama. I do have your blog's rss feed in my newsreader, and would be very interested to see you make a case for the candidate who is getting your support.

alice said...


If Obama is anything like my husband, he is completely oblivious to condition of his shoes, and unless something happens to make his feet uncomfortable, he won't get new shoes until I notice that he needs new ones. ;-)

alice said...

Oop -- as to your other point, I don't have a problem with $500 shoes either, except when the guy who's wearing them is trying to claim that the other guy is an elitist. ;-D

Joe P. said...

i enjoyed reading your response to Carl, Alice, well said.

too often just plainly stating the obvious about the widespread failures and damages created by the Bush administration gets labeled 'tin-foil-hat-wearing-loopy-crazy-talk". it isn't.