Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Creature

A couple of weeks ago, the dog and I wandered over to the grand re-opening of the Warner Park Softball Complex and we ran into this leggy killdeer, who was hanging out with some friends. I hadn't ever seen this kind of bird around here before and thought perhaps they had lost their way, as they looked like they belonged at the shore. But as it turns out, I just don't spend enough time at ball game venues, because according to my Sibley Guide, this bird is often found in upland habitats, far from water, and is "widespread on farmland, ballfields and the like."

Here I am, four years into this blogging adventure, with over a hundred birds posted so far, and I'm still learning something new every day. Pretty cool. And many more creatures are lining over on the modulator's ark! Have a great weekend!


Keera said...

You truly have a gift for photography. It wouldn't occur to me to include the other bird in the blurred background to give the photo both depth and interest. Excellent!

I enjoy discovering new things about my habitat, too. I understand better why people get into hobbies like bird-watching. It never gets old.

Flu-Bird said...

Have you ever seen one of these birds doing its broken wing act pretty good at distracting predators