Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Creature

Back in the present (or at least recent history), a bunch of bugs like this one invaded our yard this past week. One day I walked out back and there were dozens of what I think were figeater beetles flying around a foot or three off the ground. It was very disconcerting to watch because they look a lot like bees but they careened about without regard to what they might run into -- kind of like drunken bees, I guess. Anyway, a few days later, they disappeared just as suddenly as they had arrived.

In other news, today brings us the 200th edition of the Modulator's Friday Ark! Wow! Congrats, Steve & Co.!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


fletch said...

June bugs! Kids are supposed to catch them, tie a string to a rear leg, and fly them around in circles. It's a tradition and a welcome sight this time of year. All is well with the world.

alice said...

Is this an activity in which you have actually participated? I didn't know kids were supposed to do anything beyond catching lightening bugs (fireflies?) in a mason jar, to be kept as a nightlight beside the bed...