Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What is Dennis Kucinich running for?

There's always been a little idealist in me who liked Dennis Kucinich, and even though I'm a fan of Obama, this has really put me off.

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on Tuesday asked his supporters to make rival Sen. Barack Obama their second choice if he doesn't meet a cutoff point for voting in Iowa's caucuses.

Dennis, as a candidate, it's not your job to tell me who my second choice should be. It's your job to convince me to vote for you. You're either in or out here. Are you really running for the nomination, or are you campaigning for another candidate? If you're not serious about your own campaign, then please stop wasting our time and get out of the race (and stop accepting contributions under false pretenses).


fletch said...

This quirk might have something to do with how the Iowa caucuses work. I could be wrong but if a candidate doesn't get something like 15% in the first round then the voters for the candidate must choose someone else. I'm not sure about this tho.

I'm an Edwards supporter and hope he goes the distnace.

fletch said...

oh, sorry. I read the white box again and it does mention the cutoff. My apologies.

smijer said...

I agree with you. Kucinich lines up on the right side of most issues, but he really rubs me the wrong way... bad.