Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Republican Debate

Giuliani* did not get to chuck a hail mary pass like he needed to do (plus, he was just plain wrong in one response). Huckabee made some sense when it came to stimulating the economy (maybe he was listening to Rachel!) and John McCain has a great mom. Other than that, this was a scary bunch of old white men, though their behavior was (for the most part) much more respectful than we saw from the Democrats the other night. I think McCain came out on top.

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*Check out this story in the comments following the linked post:
Rudy was giving a speech to a gathering of NRA members when his cellphone rings. He stops his speech and answers the damn phone! He ends the conversation with "I love you too honey."

Before picking up where he left off in the speech, he explains to the audience, "Oh that was my wife, she called to ask if I could pick up some milk at the 9/11 on my way home."

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June said...

I agree. They did act more presidential. I think that was probably a pre-debate calculated agreement among them after seeing the reaction to the Dem slugfest. Even Ron Paul was subdued. Was it me or were the questions more substantive than those given to the Dems?