Wednesday, January 16, 2008

OMG! Jonah Goldberg visits Jon Stewart!

It was awesome! I'll post a link as soon as I can find one! In the meantime, here's an appetizer (with a followup).   (Who is Jonah Goldberg? And what's wrong with him?)



davidm. said...

I live that Jonah Goldberg is listed not once but twice as an example of a fuckwad.

That interview is the most awkward thing I've seen on Daily Show. I'd really like to see the unedited footage.

Buck said...

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Sinclair Lewis

That has always struck me as the perfect description of creeping fascism.

And I am going to take the liberty of posting a long quote by John Flynn (1944)

"But let us not deceive ourselves into thinking that we are dealing by this means with the problem of fascism. Fascism will come at the hands of perfectly authentic Americans, as violently against Hitler and Mussolini as the next one, but who are convinced that the present economic system is washed up and that the present political system in America has outlived its usefulness and who wish to commit this country to the rule of the bureaucratic state; interfering in the affairs of the states and cities; taking part in the management of industry and finance and agriculture; assuming the role of great national banker and investor, borrowing millions every year and spending them on all sorts of projects through which such a government can paralyze opposition and command public support; marshaling great armies and navies at crushing costs to support the industry of war and preparation for war which will become our greatest industry; and adding to all this the most romantic adventures in global planning, regeneration, and domination all to be done under the authority of a powerfully centralized government in which the executive will hold in effect all the powers with Congress reduced to the role of a debating society. There is your fascist. And the sooner America realizes this dreadful fact the sooner it will arm itself to make an end of American fascism masquerading under the guise of the champion of democracy."

Sound familiar?

harkin said...

Congrats on missing Goldberg's entire premise.

You can blame Stewart for editing out 12 minutes of the interview. Liberal fascism indeed.,0,30005.column?coll=la-opinion-center

scionguy said...

Wow, Goldberg is a nutjob! I love it when Jon gets so agitated with an idiot guest that he switches from a comedian to an intelligent, well-informed debater.. with some comedy thrown in of course!