Saturday, January 5, 2008

NH Debates Are On Now

I don't know what all the dorks are doing tonight, but the cool people are watching TV!   ;-D   These are great debates (I'm not blogging it, but here are Joe's takes on the Republican* and Democrat** segments). The candidates are getting to roll up their sleeves and have it out somewhat, which is really cool to watch after so many stilted forums where candidates are not allowed to interact with each other. The Republicans are just finishing up, but you still have time to catch the Democrats, who will follow. They're on ABC, which in Chattanooga, is channel 10.

UPDATE: let's go to the videos! WMUR; C&L: Rep ~ Dem; WaPo
Transcripts: Republicans ~ Democrats

Here are a few thoughts just as the debates end... These were definitely the best debates of the campaign so far. In general, I think the Democrats were quite a bit more cordial then the Republicans, while still hashing out some important issues. Hillary probably didn't take it home like she needed to, while Obama was relaxed and presidential. Edwards also had a great night, while Richardson was quick and landed a number of laugh lines. All four of these candidates are impressive, but I think Obama and Edwards came out on top. On the Republican side, things are much more muddled. They were a lot more negative and argumentative, and I don't think Romney coped very well. At the same time, Huckabee didn't dazzle me, so I think maybe it was McCain's night. Giuliani and Thompson just didn't connect at all, and I thought Thompson was kind of ugly to Ron Paul at one point -- practically rolling his eyes at some of Paul's ideas.

(btw, it occurred to me as I was tuning into ABC as the debates were about to begin that this is the first time I've watched something on this network since back before the '06 election, when they aired that ridiculous propaganda film. I guess I know how to make a fit of pique last, huh?) ;-)

*Joe's best line of the night: "These Republicans keep talking about securing the borders. George Bush has been president for almost eight years. How come Bush and his GOP controlled Congress never secured the border?" DOOP!

**Joe's best line of the night: "Gotta say, this terrorism question should be T-ball for these guys. You know why we didn't get OBL? Bush and Iraq." DOOP!


Jim said...

I'm so disappointed that both Repubs and Dems in a poll afterwards said the number one issue is the Economy by a huge margin. Health care was way behind. Cmon people! Don't we want universal health care....I do! I'm tired of fearing the loss of everything I've worked for if my insurance denies me. Why must we live with this fear?

alice said...

The Republican health care plan: pray you don't get sick! -- via a friend who shared with this me just a little while ago...

sara said...

Do you really expect the government to have your best interest in mind? You trust them to make your health care decisions? I already feel restricted by my POS insurance plan, but I at least have the "choice" to change insurance companies if I want to. I'm not sure I want the government deciding which doctor I should or shouldn't see - which treatment I should or shouldn't receive - which medicine I should or shouldn't take. AAHH that scares me to death.

Don't you think the competition of our "free market" in health care has pushed the medical community to continue to improve and learn new things in a way that a universal health care might end that need to "one-up" the other guy allowing advancements in medicine and care to slow down?

(BTW - I'm not saying that I like things as they are now either, but I am FAR from being convinced that a universal heath care plan is the answer - or do I not even understand what you mean by universal heath care?)

alice said...

I can't speak for Jim, as I don't know that universal health care is the answer either. I do know that the republicans have been running the show for years now, and the health care crisis just keeps getting worse. They obviously don't have any answers and have shown absolutely no interest in working on the problem.

But I don't think our "free market" system has been good for innovation or health care. The free market is a myth in America, where the current administration shields insurance and drug companies from liability and lobbyists and campaign contributors buy special treatment.

(btw, you are in a exclusive position as an American who has that "choice" in insurance plans. 47 million Americans don't have any at all.)

Jim said...

Sara, re your first 2 questions. Yes. and Yes.

First, the health care I have now with private insurance is mediocre at best. Second, the piece of mind knowing that one always has something, regardless of job loss, prexisting conds, etc, is worth much. Third, it is a right-wing lie that Govt health care is bad, I have friends in Canada and Britain who LOVE their healthcare. Fourth, we've tried your way, for a long time. It isn't working. It's time to try something else. The current system sucks. We are only being forced to this lame for-profit system because of entrenched Yeah, GIVE ME government, any day!