Sunday, December 30, 2007

Separated at Birth?

This is from my inbox...
Coincidence? You be the judge. Compare the newspaper photo to the still (from 3:08 in the following video):


Bill said...

The resemblance? Kinda creepy.

The fact that someone hates the President so much that they'd spend an inordinate amount of time isolating a single frame from one of the most creepy films of all time in order to send a gotcha e-mail around to their fellow haters? REALLY creepy.

Thanks. I'm going to have nightmares now.

sravana said...

yikes. I supposed that's from Deliverance? I never saw that movie, and now I'm *certain* that I never want to.

I've heard that dueling banjos thing for years, but never seen that clip. thanks.

I think.

Oh, and the resemblance is creepy!

sravana said...

Dubya even has the same meth-mouth teeth. :P

- now I'm going to be sick on top of it all -

alice said...

Bill, you have got to be kidding. Is this your first day on the Internet?!?

joe lance said...

I've never seen the film either. My dad had the album that features this tune. It's not the soundtrack. All the rest of the album was recorded earlier by somewhat different personnel.

The funny part, to me, is that the people who actually played this "hillbilly" music were far from the type. Eric Weissberg, Steve Mandel; and, on the rest of the album, Marshall Brickman (a screenwriter associated to Woody Allen) were the musicians.

There are clues in the opening banjo notes that tip a listener off to the fact that a non-Appalachian performer is at the controls.

But I guess I'm off the subject; those facial images are kind of similar.

bill said...

No, it's not, Alice, but there's just something about that movie. It just freaks me out. For other people, it's heights. :)