Friday, December 21, 2007

Political Cartoonist Sparks Debate

Steve Benson is an editorial cartoonist and an ex-Mormon. He is the grandson of former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and former Mormon Church president Ezra Taft Benson. He stirred up a bit of a debate recently when he said that he thinks the media is giving Mitt Romney a pass on his religion. He says Romney belongs to a church which, contrary to Romney's claims, would not allow him to be independent of the church as U.S. president.
Romney "needs to face an informed member of the media with 'cojones' who has a working and perhaps personal experience with Mormonism," said Benson. "It would be harder for Romney to do his well-practiced duck and dodge."
Benson's comments can be found here, with some follow-up here. Benson says he doesn't editorialize about his former religion very often -- he tries to pick his battles -- but he did comment after Mitt Romney's Mormon speech:

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