Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Once Again, the Democrats Don't Show Up

Jeeze. I can't believe this. The Democrats caved on SCHIP.

Oliver is right -- some of us put our blood, sweat and tears into taking back the Congress last year. And what have we gotten in return? A Congress that acts pretty much just like the Republican-controlled Congress did. Torture? Yes-sir-ee! Another blank check for Iraq? Oh, yes, oh, yes! Warrantless wiretapping and retroactive immunity for telcoms? If it weren't for Chris Dodd, we would have passed that one too.

Whatever Bush wants, Bush gets, even though the idiot is clearly a liar, has absolutely no credibility and has approval numbers lower than Nixon's worst.

So, why should those of us in the trenches bust our asses again next year? If they want to get reelected, can't they go hit up the Republicans for money and volunteers? After all, those are the people who have been benefiting from their "hard work."

I suppose that means at this point, this is the only guy I'm supporting in next year's Congressional elections:

Heh.   ;-)   Maybe the list will grow as we get closer to the elections. Let me know if you think someone's name should be added... but if it's not someone who has demonstrated the ability to lead, follow or get out of the way, I don't want to hear about him or her. And don't get me started on Nancy Freakin' Pelosi.


John said...

It's really disappointing that the Democrats had a winning issue but lost on it anyway. I think we need better Congressional leadership.

Buck said...

Just their way of saying, "Merry Christmas!"

June said...

I like Al too. I admire him too for going for it. I look forward to hearing him/watching him in Washington.

sravana said...

I'm moving from liberal/progressive to apathetic on politics. They're all bought and sold by the same people, IMO.

BTW, here's an interesting article about a LGBT issue I've been following recently:

I'm with Teresa Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori for president!

frieda said...

And maybe, just mayyyybe ... Bush is RIGHT on all that,the Dems really do concur, and just fed the people that voted for them all that BS because they knew they are stupid enough to believe it. Congratulations sheeple!

davidm. said...

Rumors point to Chris Dodd making a run at Senate Majority Leader after Iowa.

sravana said...

I've started listening to one of the right-wing AM radio stations here in SA, and there was an interview with Sen. Cornyn (TX-idiot). He made the point that Dubya wouldn't have done any better with a Republican-controlled congress than he did with this bunch.

I'm worried that all the hoopla about the First Female Speaker of teh House may come back to haunt other, more capable female politicos. I was ecstatic when Pelosi was sworn in. Now? heh. :::pffffft:::

alice said...

I don't think other women will suffer because Pelosi has been such an awful speaker. Her ineffectiveness has nothing to do with her gender. Hell, Harry Reid is just as bad.

alice said...

davidm, I've heard rumors to that effect as well. I'm all for it. Chris is one of the few Senators who's shown any gonads in this recent session.