Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chattanooga is a Very Small Town

So, we're sitting at Christmas dinner this evening, at the home of some friends who live up on Signal Mountain. There's a woman there who we've met for the first time just today (she's our daughter's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's friend from work). And she's not having a great Christmas and is explaining why it hasn't been the best of holidays this year. And one contributing factor is that just a couple of days ago, some drunk guy plowed into the side of her car while it was parked on the street, and then the dude just ran off!

At this point, G-Dog has to stop her, because this story sounds freakishly familiar. "Wait a minute! That was your car? Over in Highland Park on Saturday night?" And sure enough...

Now, what are the chances that we'd spend the evening watching this drama unfold on our porch on a Saturday night and find ourselves, the following Tuesday, all the way over on the other side of town, sharing Christmas dinner with one of the victims in this crime?

I think it's pretty freaky.

I hope everyone had a beautiful day!


June said...

That is freaky!!!

sravana said...

OMG. That is just crazy!


Yes, Chattanooga is a small town, you're right.

Keera said...

Well, that answered my question about whether or not the kid arrested was actually driving: Assuming the victim of a crime is kept up-to-date on the investigation, it seems like the guy who escaped was the one behind the wheel.

poopie said...

karma..gotta love it.