Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, I never went anywhere, but I have been distracted by holidays and house guests. But everyone is back home now and all the Christmas stuff has been put away (usually I wait until New Year's Day, but this year I jumped the gun). The Iowa caucuses are just around the corner, and I've (mostly) fallen behind on the news (unless everyone else was also taking a break from the 'net -- I'll find out when I get caught up on my blogs and email!), so I'm thankful that there's yet another holiday right around the corner -- perhaps I can get caught up before we get too far into 2008!

Have a great week!

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TED said...

I wonder how the MAJORITY (of 2008 election voters) observe candidates. In my personal observation, especially the two of Democratic Party's candidates: J. Edwards and H. Clinton show the most artificial smiles among all the candidates of both Parties. Their eyes stay calculative and cold while their faces are full of (smiles?). A candidate who is really serious about the America's future from the bottom of heart does NOT need to sell smiles.