Wednesday, November 14, 2007

World Diabetes Day

I saw a commercial today for some kind of blood sugar meter, and in it, all the people who have Type I diabetes were able to do whatever they wanted, without a care in the world. They had perfect fingertips and impulsive lifestyles, and they didn't have to adhere to a schedule or even ever think about diabetes.

It's a wonderful ideal, but despite the drug companies' claims, we're nowhere even close to that fantasy yet. Some people who gracefully live with diabetes may make it look easy, but it is a relentless disease, and there are no vacations. Those who are not vigilant and well-disciplined have to deal with acute and chronic complications. Diabetes is very much on the increase -- especially the Type II variety, and especially among children and in minority communities.

Today is a day of awareness, but if you'd like to contribute towards research, education and advocacy, you can do so through the American Diabetes Association (there are at least seven ways to donate!) -- you can also find out about local events in your area there. Also, check out the International Diabetes Foundation, which is behind the World Diabetes Day campaign. (hat tip Tennessee Mountain Cur)

UPDATE: stories like this break my heart. Kids should be able to be kids -- carefree and crazy -- and not worried about how many carbs are in those mini ritz cheese crackers.

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paige said...

great post, alice! thank you.