Monday, November 26, 2007

Will Trent Lott Retire Into His Secret Lover's Arms? (and does it matter?)

Why did Trent Lott announce his retirement so suddenly after claiming, just a year ago, he was going to serve another term so that he could help the victims of Katrina? A special election is going to cost Mississippi taxpayers -- and Republican donors who want to keep their seat -- a lot of money. So why is he bailing mid-term? The talking heads on today's news think it's so he can cash in as a lobbyist. But the blogosphere suggests another reason: he's gay. Is this the story Larry Flint has been teasing lately?

UPDATE: LOTS more here, including credibility questions that bring the story into a questionable light... but does that really matter?
But from a gay rights perspective, whether or not Lott actually had a liaison with Nicholas isn't the most relevant detail of this story. It's the familiarity of the storyline.

How often have we seen rabidly anti-gay leaders outed for their backroom dealings with gay escorts? It happens in every state and at every level of government. Homophobia is often homosexuality waiting to come out of the deepest, darkest, smelliest regions of the closet.

I hope that anti-gay crusaders will wake up one day and recognize that their leaders are wasting their time and energy on a self-hating wild goose chase. True or not, the Trent Lott story brings us closer to that day.
UPDATE: more from Larry Flint


June said...

It wouldn't surprise me if this were true. I think the hair cut is the tell tale sign...have you noticed? Larry Craig, Trent Lott, et al all have the same sort of "do". Seriously though, I do get to shaking my head when these cultural conservatives are found out to be engaging in something they condemn others for. They could be sleeping with their dog...I don't care...just 86 the hypocrisy!!!

Chris in Oxford said...

Wow, I hadn't heard anything about this. Do you reckon there is any truth to it? I mean, it's not surprising - they just keep falling out of the closet - but Lott, wow!