Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wild Boar

So, back in the days before the Internet, what would you have done if your kid came home from college for the weekend and handed you a slab of wild boar meat?

I don't know how we ever survived back in those dark times. Fortunately, I did have the option to check the 'net and I found out that wild boar is best cooked slowly, and at a low temperature.

It was quite delicious.


fletch said...

Looks delicious. Those wild boar or pigs are all over the Great Smokies and Cherokee NF. They were brought over many decades ago from Europe for hunting but escaped their confines and have prospered in the wild. They are very aggressive if cornered. I've never seen one cooked and sliced before tho. I guess it's somewhat like ham except leaner since it's a wild pig. Gotta go, my Swanson dinner is ready.

alice said...

It's not so much like ham as it is like a pork chop, only with a more beefy-ness to it than you'd expect...