Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tonight's Republican Debate

I'm watching the Republican YouTube/CNN debate at the moment, and I can't believe my ears. When Giuliani was asked about the possibility that he let New Yorkers foot the bill for his adulterous trysts, he seemed to blame the police -- that it's their fault, because they were the ones who decided how to report (or hide?) the expenses involved in following Rudy around the state every time he got randy and snuck out to spend the weekend with his mistress. Did I hear that right?

Also, did Duncan Hunter just say that gays shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military because most Americans who join the military are homophobes? Yikes! By that logic, segregation was ok as long as most Americans were racists. And this guy wants to be president?

[The only other candidates to answer the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" question were Huckabee, Romney and McCain. Huckabee just agreed with Hunter. Romney tore a page from Hillary's book by awkwardly trying to triangulate on the issue. And McCain just said that "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is working (don't tell the people trying to cope with the shortage of translators in the Middle East) and that everyone in the military agrees with him -- almost unanimously. By the way, the homosexual 43-year Brigadier General who asked the question was in the audience and he was heckled by the crowd (who were those people?).]

No one answered the question about how Jesus would feel about the death penalty. Huckabee got a laugh for his evasion ("Jesus was too smart to run for public office"), but no one was able to deal with it directly. How sad. Republicans claim to be the party of Jesus, but they really can't seem to talk about him intelligently (and don't get me started on the Democrats all trying to out-Jesus each other!). Maybe we need to just admit that religion has no place in politics and put us all out of our misery.

Really, I honestly tried to find something positive in tonight's debate. But this selection of white men all seemed either really mean, crooked, or simply insane (what's the deal with Ron Paul's secret NAFTA superhighway?).


sravana said...

it's not a secret, even I've heard about it. Evidently it's happening somewhere near here, but I'm not sure where. Perhaps Google Earth could tell you. ;) ;)

gid said...

I have heard talk about the superhighway for at least a year now. I did get this link the other day Superhighway 'security' benefits questioned. The article is from back in 06.

Chris in Oxford said...

Thanks for the brief on the Republican debate. I was curious how that one was going to go - seemed like it had a lot of potential for revealing the inner nut job of the G.O.P. candidates. Sounds like it was successful for that at least!

DSK said...

I didn't watch the debate, but presumably Rep. Paul means the Trans-Texas Corridor (especially the 35 and 69 cooridors), Rick Perry's pet project. It's definitely an environmental boondoggle in the making, but more people are opposed to it for the economic reasons.

And speaking of (much smaller) environmental messes and Ron Paul, are the people putting up Paul signs on signposts and trees all over Chattanooga going to make sure to take them down later? That's a rhetorical question...

sandy on signal said...

The GOP debate was an affront to most Americans. Why are these racists even getting a forum? I loved how the young black son and his father from Atlanta asked about gun control and stopping violence of blacks killing blacks. Gee, Mitt's answer started out as "congratulations to having a dad who is um..." he stopped short of congratulations for having a dad who is around as a parent in the AA community. Way to go Mitt with the prejudiced remarks.

Then the stupid question of "do you believe every word in the Holy Bible?" Mitt forgot to mention the Book of Mormon at that moment. Huckabee and Giuliani went on with some of it is allegorical and metaphorical, blah, blah, blah. Giuliani didn't tell us if he thought adulterers should be stoned to death. Huckabee thought getting your eye plucked out was not clear, gosh, seems clearly stated to me.

The Democratic You Tube debate had questions coming from a father who lost his son to the Iraq war who asked when will it end, a woman with diabetes asked about stem cell research, a melting snowman wanted answers on global warming, and the health care crisis were brought up by several people. The GOP debate did not even address health care. Stupid issues on gays, guns, abortion and whether we should spend money on going to Mars or building a fence to keep brown people out of the country is what mattered to the Rethuglicans.

Besides insulting Americans with this lame debate, the worst part came when they booed a Brigadier General who served our country for 43 years. I hope Madame Speaker Pelosi puts up a congressional condemnation of the GOP for insulting our military for this.