Monday, November 26, 2007

Richard Roberts Resigns

This news is actually a bit old at this point, but the busy holiday weekend has left some disorder in its wake. Anyway, it turns out that Oral's son, who grew up amongst the corrupt leaders at the top of America's Religious Right and apparently looked at that landscape that thought that he, too, could live lushly off the contributions of all the poor, sincere rubes who think they can get into heaven by sending their money to greedy men in designer suits.

The father once actually threatened his flock with the promise that God would call him home if they didn't send him money. And it worked out well for Oral (he raised over $9 million with just that one ultimatum) -- he wasn't "called home" and for many years lived at an exclusive St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida (under an assumed name), and communted between Boca and Tulsa in a private jet.

But things didn't go so well for the son, and he's finally resigned from his post as Oral Roberts "University" president (see below as to why I put that in quotes).
"I'm sure there is corruption everywhere," said freshman Ben Conners, one of several people interviewed before the resignation. "But if you're holding students to such a high standard, making them sign an honor code and live by these strict principles, I expect the administration to be living an even stricter set of principles. To see something like this, it feels empty, like an elaborate masquerade party."
Interestingly, Rev. Carlton Pearson, a former member of the ORU board of regents made a candid admission when talking about the current situation at ORU:
People are asking questions and questioning answers, and we're not used to it.
I hope they learn to like it, and that the practice spreads to other members of the Religious Right! Asking questions and questioning answers is a healthy endeavor and can lead to good things like well-informed decisions and educated opinions.

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Rick said...

I worked for a jewelry store back in 1998 that closed the doors and allowed Richard and his wife to come in privately to shop. After seeing the recent news I know now why they shopped in private!!

I recall Richard buying a solid gold Rolex encrusted with diamonds that was about $30,000 and his wife purchased a custom 5 carat diamond ring that was around $30-40k.

Now that I know that they have been overspending I can see that they had totally taken advantage of the schools money and its a shame that these people are allowed to steal the way they have!