Saturday, November 17, 2007

Recent Photos

Big Stupid Tommy linked to a blogger's story about people dumping the ashes of people at Disneyland this week. It reminded me that I haven't posted much about my recent adventures, which involved both the scattering of ashes and Disney -- though not contemporaneously, but rather as back-to-back events.

First was a family gathering here in Chattanooga for the anniversary of my mother's death last year. We got together down here because her family has their own cemetery in Huntsville. Everyone stayed at my house and we drove down to Alabama for the day on the 30th. My mother has a stone next to the graves of her parents, and we scattered some of her ashes there during a service before having lunch together and going over to my grandparents' old neighborhood to visit with friends and see a few landmarks. We had our lunch at the tiny church my grandfather attended in his retirement (he was a presbyterian minister), which has a beautiful little sanctuary:

It was absolutely awesome to have that time together -- a bonus family gathering at a new time of year for us (and in a different climate).

Now, some people pretty much just flew in for the day, but others made a bit of a trip out of the occasion and spent some time here in Chattanooga. While we were flush with visitors, we saw some of the sights. First on the list, of course, was Rock City, the great classic of Chattanooga attractions:

And everyone had to see the very impressive Tennessee Aquarium (complete with penguins and butterflies!):

We got really lucky on the day we went to try out a tour with the Chattanooga Ducks. We found out that the Ducks' official last day of the season had been the day before, but since we showed up, a very nice guy named Alex took us out anyway. We had an awesome and (I think) extended tour of city and the Tennessee River. It was my first time with the Ducks, and I'll definitely ride again. Here's a shot of Ross's Landing that I took from out on the river:

But we weren't done yet! A few of my siblings lingered long enough after our gathering so that we could drive down to Orlando together for my uncle's surprise 70th birthday party at Epcot:

I'd never been to Epcot before (the one and only time I'd been to Disney prior to this was way back in 1971), and it turns out it's a great place to throw a party (especially when some of your relatives are long-term employees of the Park). We had dinner (in Morocco) as we worked our way to a private patio on the World Showcase Lagoon, and that was where we enjoyed a beverage and dessert bar while we watched the fireworks along with the birthday boy:

And finally, because no travelogue is complete without a photo of food (right, Buck?), here's a shot of the seared tuna appetizer at the Blue Water Grill in Chattanooga (we did some eating out so that our visitors could sample Chattanooga's board of fare).*

*I really was only looking for a way to slip the phrase "board of fare" into a post. I've always wanted to use it, and it also doubles as an obscure, but cool, Blues Brothers reference.


smijer said...

Seared tuna? That could be good as an appetizer, I think. Is that wasabi on the plate?

alice said...

It is! The tuna is "rolled in spices, pan seared and served rare with wasabi aioli" (you can see a menu here).