Saturday, November 10, 2007

Littlefield Lawyers Up

He hired former City Judge Walter Williams.

(And just how much is this sad bit of attempted patronage costing the city's taxpayers?)


joe lance said...

$250/hr, just like Roger Dickson is charging the City Council. So if each of these lawyers does two hours of work (ahem, I mean bills for two hours), that's a grand in taxpayer dollars, or a year's property tax on a good-sized home.

And you are right in calling it "attempted patronage." It's becoming clearer every day that every single move this mayor makes is aimed at re-election.

davidm. said...

This coming a few weeks after he said taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for legal counsel on this issue in his 'heart of hearts' PR.

This man is all nuance - all the time.

Caution: the Littlefield Political Machine approacheth.