Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It's my favorite of all the holidays. It's so simple -- just a meal -- and even though some of the huge family Thanksgivings of the past could be rather loud and chaotic, I still think of it as a peaceful holiday. I've never been much for the over-eating side of things, but I do love lots of leftovers -- they keep me out of the kitchen for days, and once we're finally starting to get tired of turkey, G-Dog will use up what's left by cooking a batch of his now-famous turkey and wild mushroom soup.

I hope you're spending the day with people you enjoy, and that your travels are safe. Take care!


poopie said...

Happy turkey day to you Alice! I'm spending the day with my co-workers and I enjoy them a lot :)

Keera said...

Ooh, that soup sounds delicious!

No Thanksgiving in Norway, and I can't say that I miss it. It's not a holiday I remember in any particular way from childhood and in teen years, it was just a nice couple of days off from school/work.