Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Creature

This week, I've got an owl butterfly (no, I haven't made it to the rain forests lately -- it's another critter from the Tennessee Aquarium's butterfly exhibit).

Stay warm, everyone, and enjoy the last weekend before all the holiday madness starts up! As always, catch a creature fix here!


Keera Ann Fox said...

Gorgeous butterfly! I am so weak for the combination of shades of beige/brown and dark blue. I have a dark blue couch and beige walls in my living room. :-)

(And I'm saving this photo in my iPhoto library. 'K?)

alice said...

I really love that combination as well! There's something very earthy about it!

Please help yourself to the photo (and let me know if you'd like a larger version)!

Keera said...

*slaps forehead* Of course! We LIVE on something blue and brown. Silly me. :-)

Yes, please, I would love a larger version to use as a desktop picture. OKTHXBYE!