Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Bluegrass Grill

I had lunch today at the Bluegrass Grill, which is an eatery that recently opened on Main Street (at Mitchell, not far from the old YMCA building). I was eager to see the menu, since they're giving Chattanoogans another option for breakfast (whenever you eat it, since they serve breakfast all day long). They're open on Tuesday through Saturday, from 6:30am until 2pm.

When I got there (with a friend) a little after noon, there were not many open tables. We seated ourselves and were approached right away for our drink orders. Service was very snappy and cheerful and the food came pretty quickly. The menu is very interesting, offering many classic dishes with some interesting surprises mixed in -- things like the Spanakopita Omlet and Tofu hash. I chose one of the many greek items on the menu, the gyro with tomato, onion and zadzeke dressing. My companion chose the mesquite smoked turkey breast on wheat with cheese (which cost a dollar extra). The lunches come with a kosher dill spear and potato salad, but we both substituted home fries for the potato salad (the substitution also came with a $1 charge).

My gyro was quite delicious -- I especially enjoyed the zadzeke dressing (whatever that is). My friend said his turkey sandwich was good, though admitted that his order wasn't really a test-the-menu kind of selection (a turkey sandwich is pretty much a turkey sandwich, wherever you go). He also got a brownie, which was served warm and was quite yummy.

My only complaints were with portion sizes and price. Since I paid a dollar to upgrade my side dish to hash browns, I expected more than just the small dollop of potatoes I ended up with. And the check, before the tip, came to $7.92 (and that was with water as my beverage). So, once I added in the gratuity, I was basically spending $10 for my meal, which I think is a bit much for a lunch that comes with a paper napkin. The food was quite good, and I do plan to return once in a while to sample some of the other interesting items on the menu, but there are many places in town that offer non-fast food lunches for just $5 or $6, which is much more reasonable for day-to-day dining.


bobw said...

we had breakfast there their first weekend. it was very good food but it took forever, but since the place was packed and they were obviously still figuring things out, we'll forgive that. plus we had nowhere to go but there, so it was fine. I dont remember the cost so it must not have been too bad :-) I hope they do well. and that they get some old bluegrass concert posters on the wall or something. anyway, it was cool to see the whole family working together.

paige said...

it certainly does look good!

Keera said...

The spelling's different, but going by the sound, I'm thinking "zadzeke" is what in Norway is called "tzaziki", which is a garlic and yoghurt dip.

alice said...

That sounds like it could be it... maybe with a little dill mixed in?

Whatever it is, the word is unique to the Bluegrass Grill -- I googled on "zadzeke" and all I got was a "huh?"