Sunday, November 11, 2007

Berke Spotted Not Campaigning!

I went to the Veterans Day Observance at the National Cemetery in Chattanooga today. It was a gorgeous day and I rode my bike over for the program. The crowd was a good size and included plenty of dignitaries, politicians and just plain regular folks. Apparently Andy Berke included himself in the last category today, as I spotted him at the edge of the crowd -- no staff, no attention-seeking, no glad-handing -- he just quietly took part in the event with the rest of us, and then he left.

Tommie Brown was the featured speaker and our local Congressional delegation were also given a few moments at the mic. Unfortunately, Zach Wamp got confused half-way through his speech. He apparently forgot it was Veterans Day and instead thought it was Make a Political Speech Day (he whined about anti-war protesters -- even though there were zero to be found, and then went on complaining about the lack of funding for our nation's veterans, oblivious to the fact that it's been his party that's been defunding those programs over the last seven years). But Bob Corker, who came after Wamp, did a nice job of honoring those who have served our country without politicizing the event, so the remarks ended on a positive note.

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davidm. said...

I'm constantly baffled by Wamp's short memory.