Sunday, November 4, 2007


I made it from Orlando to Chattanooga in just a little over 8 hours today. Just me. In the car. With my iPod.*

Tired. More tomorrow.

*There was caterwauling.


fletch said...

Man that's fast, especially with construction on I-75 for long stretches in south GA. I know iPods make cars go faster but gee whiz. Glad you're back and safe.

alice said...

There *was* a lot of construction in mid-Georgia! Plus, the cops were out in force for the whole length of the state, so I had to watch my speed. But I just drove straight through, and didn't run into any traffic jams -- I stopped once to get gas, once to pee, and I drove through a Wendy's for my only meal of the day (I usually like to find real food, but there isn't any interesting dining along I-75, so I figured I shouldn't waste time trying) -- and it probably helped that it was a Sunday, too!

poopie said...

caterwauling is good for the soul :)

alice said...

Caterwauling, when one is all alone in the car, feels great! Better than the shower! ;-)