Thursday, November 8, 2007

"It's almost like he's come over to my side and is actively working against himself."

Thus starts the latest from Billy Blades. And it gets better from there:
Now today's paper has a quote from Ron saying that it is his lifelong goal to be the number three city in the state. Leaving aside the grammatical issues, I think we really must stop to ponder a leader of a city that claims a lifelong aspiration to THIRD PLACE!

I mean, it's great that Chattanooga is finally gaining population after years of decline. Frankly a lot of hard work went into that--none of it by this poser. But as I read it, I imagined Chattanoogans sitting with their morning paper wondering about the psyche of the man who is supposed to be leading the way to the future, glowing about being the third largest city in Tennessee.

I can imagine the ad agency that handles the Chamber of Commerce account went right to work on a big, "We're Number Three!" campaign.

The punch line here (well, one of them) is that we aren't number three. We're still the fourth largest city in the state. Ron, on behalf of all 168,000 of us: just shut up.
Like a Jon Stewart for Chattanooga, Billy Blades distracts us from how sad the situation is by pointing out the humor that's there. We really have to get rid of this guy. But in the meantime, at least he has his amusing moments.


davidm. said...

"It certainly reflects what many of us felt in our bones." - Ron Littlefield.

What is with this guy and his insides? He's got a compassionate heart for Rutherford and his bones reflect a more accurate census count. He's like a Magical Jesus 8 Ball.

Some heart. Some bones. Some pig.

Bill said...

You must be full of number 2 if you think striving for number 3 is something to be applauded.

Man, how pointless is this whole thing?

I'm going to start a task force to look into it.

Josiah said...

There's still so much work to be done with the "but Ron's good people!" crowd, and it's like where do you start?

alice said...

With just continuing to chip away. I can think of a few loyalists from the Brainerd area who no longer believe in that "good people" myth.

(Of course, an exciting candidate who can attract some serious financing would also be a big help...)

paige said...

a Magical Jesus 8 Ball...that's funny.