Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yikes! ORU Scandal Goes Mainstream

The scandal at Oral Roberts "University" has moved from the blogosphere to the mainstream press, and a lot more details have come to light, such as...

Dead bolt locks were installed on all bedroom doors at the insistence of the Roberts' oldest daughter. This was precipitated by Mrs. Roberts repeatedly moving into the home her 16 year old male "friend," which made her daughters uncomfortable.

This is going to be a huge mess.


sravana said...





hee hee hee hee hee ... giggle

Sorry... or not. Can you spell Schadenfreude? (I sure can - 3 years of HS German over 30 years ago notwithstanding).

Phillybits said...

Yes, please pass the popcorn. Have you actually read the pdf Vulnerability Assessment? It's hilarious all the allegations!

sravana said...

All I saw was AmericaBlog's rundown. It was devastating!