Monday, October 15, 2007

The Truth About Abortion

It's hard to argue with cold, hard facts. The whole thing is here. This is but a sample:
A comprehensive global study of abortion has concluded that abortion rates are similar in countries where it is legal and those where it is not, suggesting that outlawing the procedure does little to deter women seeking it.
Moreover, the researchers found that abortion was safe in countries where it was legal, but dangerous in countries where it was outlawed and performed clandestinely.
Honest to god, that right there should be the end of the fucking argument, people. Women abort pregnancies whether or not the Man "allows" them to, because women are in charge of pregnancies and we know if we can deal with another kid or not. Period. Either you believe that women who abort deserve to die, in which case you're "anti-abortion" (or "pro-life"), or you don't, in which case you're "pro-choice".

Let's rename those groups to reflect the facts. The antis can be the "pro dead women" camp and the pros can be the "pro adequate medical care" camp.

Extra bonus kicker:
The data also suggested that the best way to reduce abortion rates was not to make abortion illegal but to make contraception more widely available.
Again, duh.

Bonus: more here.

UPDATE: Bush is not satisfied with a normal level of ignorance. He wants American children to be EXTRA stupid (just like him!)!


erin said...

what about the truth that many women suffer greatly after abortions are perfomed? they are not always the right decision, but you never hear any stories about what women that have chosen the abortion route feel a few years down the road. there is a lot of guilt that goes along with the fact that you have had one...or more. i think that speaks more truth than some statistics.

alice said...

If those women were educated and had access to birth control, most of them would not have gotten pregnant to begin with! No need for an abortion, no guilt over having had one! Poof! It's like magic!

Look, despite what you seem to think, I am NOT pro-abortion. That's the whole point. This post is about reducing the number of abortions while keeping women healthy. Go back and read the post. Raising ignorant women who have no access to birth control is going to lead to more abortions WHETHER OR NOT ABORTION IS LEGAL. That's what those statistics you so quickly dismiss are telling us.

erin said...

i completely agree with reducing them, i guess i didn't read it through enough, but the fact still remains that no matter how much you educate women on using birth control it is still going to happen. i was very educated on the fact that i should be using protection and i did not and at a young age i found myself lying in an abortion clinic because i thought that was the only thing to do at that time. i had access to birth control, but it didn't matter, i didn't use it and now that guilt is something that i have had to face. i guess it is always going to be an issue. i think that the only way to reduce them, even a little, is to make them illegal.

Spike said...

I don't think the decision of whether to keep a child or either abort it or give it up for adoption is ever an easy one, and I'm sure there is always a possibility for regret or elation no matter the choice. But that's just it-- there are so many other things in life (granted, many are not quite of the same significance as a child, but are none the less permanant and weight to the person who chooses them and can have economic impact-- tattoos, for example) that require a choice, a choice that might be regretted later in life. Choosing whether or not to break up with a lover for someone else, to jilt a friend in a time of need, to get a tattoo, just a few for example, can cause guilt later on if we decide the right choice wasn't made. And abortion is one of the few cases where I see folks who made a call and regret the way they called the shots coming out of the woodwork to protect others from making the same mistake they did. To return to my favorite parallel of tattoos, I haven't once heard anyone argue to outlaw tattoo parlors and tattoo artists because someone chooses to get inked and later realizes they hate the design, can't get a job because of the ink, or really wish they hadn't gotten the name of the one who got away on their bicep. Like I said before, it may be trivial in comparison to the decision to keep a child, but I can't quite fathom why we are so eager in this case to give the government and legal system power to "protect us" from bad choices when that is the very concept that, when exaggerated to its logical conclusion gives us visions of dystopia where freedom and choice is banned because it is deemed too dangerous for the people.

DWord said...

This comment is going to seem picky in light of the overall argument, but the characterization that anti-abortion equals "pro dead women" is an overstatement. I think most folks seeking the criminalization of abortion would be comfortable with penalties that mirrored sentencing for drunk-drivers. Therefore, a more accurate (although less inflammatory) name would be something like "pro six-months-county-jail-time-plus-probation-and-a-two-thousand-dollar-fine."

alice said...

DWord, how is a woman who has died from an infection following a botched illegal abortion going to serve six months in the county jail plus probation and pay a fine?

DWord said...

Oh, Ok, I'm sorry. I assumed the term "pro dead women" referred to some sort of hypathetical capital sentence for women who break some future law prohibiting abortion. I didn't realize that a dangerous medical procedure was being equated with certain death. In that case, I'd be interested to know what percentage of these cladestined procedures resulted in the death of the patient (the mother

alice said...

Well, that depends on who you believe. Wikipedia has some worldwide numbers, and casts doubt on the numbers that were available in the US before Roe v. Wade.

erin said...

it's interesting that they say that "abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure." when i had my abortion, it was done at a women's center in raleigh, nc. they gave me a 5 mg valium to take (that was it), and i felt the entire procedure being done. after it was over, about 2 weeks later i had major complications because the doctor that performed it did not "clean me out" well enough, so i had to have an emergency d&c,where the doctor told my mother that if i ever had another one it would really hurt my chances of having children. the clinic that i went to to have it done was very nice and came highly recommended. i am fortunate in the fact that i am now pregnant, but many women have what they think are safe abortions being performed that end up completely screwing them up.

Chris in Oxford said...

Yeah, too bad the Bush Administration is too busy pushing abstinence only education - that's working well. Funnily the abortion debate has reared its head here in Britain, largely about late term abortions. It's such a different argument here though without the evangelical overtones. Great post anyway!

alice said...

erin, I'm truly sorry you had such a difficult experience. But the fact is, if abortion were outlawed, your experience (and much worse) would become even more common because so many women would no longer have access to medical care. But with education, access to birth control and pre-abortion counseling, the number of experiences like yours could be drastically reduced.

Chris, clearly Bush (in his typical Opposite Day fashion) looked at the options and chose the one that will lead to the most abortions -- by unleashing a bunch of ignorant kids, with no knowledgeable access to birth control but plenty of natural curiosity, on each other. These kids not only are largely unsupervised, because in Bush's America, their parents are having to work 2 or 3 jobs to keep up (never mind their lack of health insurance), but because of abstinence-only education, they're left with nothing but their poorly-informed peers for (mis)information about sex and good health.