Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is terrifying stuff!

How many other people out there are terrified that such a willfully ignorant man is supposedly in charge of our foreign policy? With no context in which to put current events, how can he make informed decisions that will help us to avoid the third world war scenario that he's now raising to scare Americans while he incompetently edges us ever so much closer to just that very outcome?

460 days left.

Oh, yeah -- and Nancy Pelosi sucks.

UPDATE: and the Democrats suck. ::sigh::


fletch said...

460 days... I swear that number seems to be going up instead of down.

Chris in Oxford said...

You are right about both of them. I'm particularly annoyed by Pelosi lately, I'm just used to Bush's crap.

paige said...

that exchange about his personal definition of torture was creepy as hell.