Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Republicans Attack a Little Kid!

The right wing noise machine is now swiftboating a 12-year-old. They've even called his home and harassed his family. And Michelle Malkin (famous plagiarist) even showed up in person! How scary is that?

(UPDATE: if you're wondering why the right wing is going after a kid, here's a theory, and here are some more thoughts about the ugliness.)

Fortunately, some kids are ready for them.

And in the meantime, the Bush administration is doing what they can to help out Al Qaeda:
Unbelievable. Seriously. Leaking national security info to Fox News and destroying a year-long surveillance of Al Qaeda should put someone from the Bush Administration in jail. We are in greater danger because of the continued incompetence of George Bush and his minions.


sara said...

I guess my question would be...

What happens when the government takes over health insurance and then a few years down the road runs out of money and can't take care of it anymore? Or starts making decisions about what kind of care we need? etc...

And meantime the private insurance companies (which I hate as much as the next person) have all gone bankrupt because of the government run health care and we no longer have any choices... we are stuck with what the government gives us even if it isn't adequate (not that the private companies are better).

I obviously haven't done much research and am at a very basic level of understanding, but I just get nervous about the government taking more control over even another arena of my life and my decision making. (I know I wouldn't be forced into it, but I believe under the current bill my children would easily qualify)

I hate to think there are children who can't afford basic health care. I realize it is a BIG problem, but is the best answer letting the government fix it this way? Will we see the kinds of problems down the road that we are seeing with welfare?

DSK said...

I can't summon a whole lot of outrage for anyone on this mess. Anything that crosses the line into harassment is inexcusable, but also... if you make a national speech and advocate a particular policy, specifically based on your personal economic situation, you've also got to expect cross-examination and/or rebuttal on that.

Unfotunately in this case there seems to be a lot of half-bakedness to go around. I'll admit I've never been much for policy-by-example, though. That goes for both "sides": whether I'm being told this family should or can't afford their own health policy.

alice said...

DSK, I see your point, but I still don't think anyone deserves having Michelle Malkin rooting through their garbage (especially when she's made it clear that she won't believe anything she finds there unless it conforms to her world view). That's just too freakin' creepy.

And kids are always off-limits -- the fact that they're picking on the kid, and not just his parents, only demonstrates the level of their desperation.

Chris in Oxford said...

I hadn't heard this. As to your first commenter - what happens when the government takes over health care is you join the rest of the civilized world!

I really like your site! Came for WW, but like your posts better. Check mine out and if you like - care to exchange links?