Sunday, October 21, 2007

Obama Stumbles

Barack Obama is going on a gospel tour in South Carolina, but perhaps he should think twice before sharing the stage with one of the acts in the lineup. Gospel singer and homophobe Donnie McClurkin may be popular with bible-bangers (he believes homosexuals can be "cured"), but how many social conservatives are going to be voting in the Democratic primary? On the other hand, social progressives, who will be voting in the Democratic primary in large numbers, are quite likely to be put off if Obama goes through with his plans to campaign with McClurkin. The discussion that I've seen so far on the blogosphere has been largely negative about the idea (and the Obama folks are already on the defensive).


sravana said...


I've never been interested in him.

However, I'm losing hope that Al will finally step up to the plate and do the right thing and RUN.

I may well have to hold my nose and vote for Hillary. :P

alice said...

If Al doesn't run, I'll try to have an open mind about all the candidates. I can see supporting Obama -- this is maybe his first big test, so we'll see how he handles it -- and even though John sometimes leaves me going "enh," I think Elizabeth Edwards is awesome. Joe Biden has always impressed me and while Richardson has been disappointing in the debates, he does have some potential. Clinton is the only candidate who gives me serious pause, and I'm glad Kucinich and Gavel are in the race because they give voice to America's large anti-war contingent.

Lessee... who'd I forget? Oh, Chris Dodd. Jeeze, he's having some trouble breaking though the cacophony, isn't he? Nice guy, though.

alice said...

I take it back. Chris Dodd has gotten some traction with the whole spying telecom amnesty thing. Kudos, Chris!

Bill said...

It's the politician who "goes on a gospel tour" when they're NOT running for something that interests me.

Otherwise? Nauseating pandering.

All of them do it.

And if Al was running, he'd be doing it, too.