Friday, October 26, 2007

Net Neutrality

Here is a great update on where we are with regards to net neutrality, and includes this observation regarding (the lack of reasonable) competition when it comes to broadband:
[...] Comcast competitors AT&T and Verizon "are two of the same companies that have been accused of participating in the warrantless wiretapping program. So my choice is a company that throttles my bandwidth without telling me or a couple of companies that hand my data off to the government without telling me. I guess that still qualifies as competition, but it's not much."

Exactly. What kind of a playing field is it for consumers when they're forced to choose between giving their business to a company that actively discriminates against legal usage of the service, and companies that have participated in widespread violation of their rights? Why should we be forced to compromise our ethics for companies that clearly have none?

The answer is that we shouldn't have to. More robust competition that serves the entire country, and not just rich urban and exurban areas, will go a long way towards giving consumers more options for their communications services.
This is why EPB's Fiber to the Home is going to be good for the Chattanooga market, but only if they make a strong committment to net neutrality and privacy. Are you listening, EPB?

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poopie said...

OH HELL! You mean AT&T is gonna listen to me do phone sex????