Friday, October 19, 2007

Miller Park reopens today, sort of

The Times Free Press reports:

When downtown's Miller Park reopens today, it will host the University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Marching Band, cheerleaders and fans.

I don't know when this is taking place (the article doesn't say), and it comes with a big "but":

Homeless people, however, may not be welcome.

This park has been a hangout for many homeless people for as long as I've lived in Chattanooga, and I can't remember that it's ever been a problem. The park is a beautiful downtown space and I've always enjoyed visiting, especially on Sundays, when I can see Food Not Bombs at work in our community. I'm not sure where the city expects the homeless to go -- they admit their own preference is not exactly ready for prime time:

Mr. Brady acknowledged Thursday that little additional work was done to make the Farmer's Market area more hospitable.

One also has to wonder why it took the entire summer to basically put in some new benches and do a little paving:

Mr. Brady said the new benches and other work at the park match downtown's recent streetscaping. He said workers also replaced fountain lights and park lights. They leveled and repaired brick walkways, painted handrails and rejuvenated landscaping, he said.

But that's probably more a question for Mayor Ron Littlefield, who has been pushing to move the homeless out of the downtown area for some time.


paige said...

A quote from the mayor in Thursday's paper:" not, do not put money in a panhandler's hand. The best way to make it go away is to quit feeding it."


alice said...

Oh, dear.