Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marti, Marti... you gotta make it up to us!

From the

Community activist Floyd Kilpatrick said he has filed a petition with the city asking that former Councilwoman Marti Rutherford repay her city salary while she was "illegally" in office.

Ms. Rutherford resigned recently over a residency issue.

Mr. Kilpatrick said she should also be made to pay for city expenses in connection with an investigation of her residency as well as the cost of a special election to fill the seat.

He said he has also asked the city for an accounting of the various amounts he says Ms. Rutherford should pay.

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joe lance said...

I've certainly had the same thought; but, as courts have ruled that votes cast by an elected representative whose authenticity is in question still stand, then the matter of any compensation paid that individual while in office is also subject to the same treatment, I would think.

However, if the effort to make her reimburse the taxpayers succeeds, I won't complain.