Monday, October 22, 2007

Littlefield Corruption Knows No Bounds

The story is on the
Mayor Ron Littlefield said Monday he has decided to put former City Councilwoman Marti Rutherford back on the city payroll for a three-day period so she can qualify for retirement medical benefits.

He said she is covered under the city plan through the end of the month, but she needs to be on the payroll on her 62nd birthday (Nov. 3) in order to qualify.
This man doesn't want the homeless guy who lives under the bridge to get to keep the 25¢ that some stranger might give him in a moment of generosity, but he's willing to help a crooked politician who was not legally elected scam her way into health insurance -- subsidized by... you guessed it! The taxpayer! This is a disgusting abuse of power!

Ron, you are, indeed, the worst mayor ever.

UPDATE: from the Times Free Press:
Councilman Jack Benson on Monday disputed the mayor's rationale.

"He's left something out of the equation," he said. "She wasn't qualified to even serve these two and a half to three years. Now we're extending that time to accommodate her when according to her residence she shouldn't even have been there in the first place."


gid said...

What a mess! What he is doing is most certainly unethical. We need a recall!

Josiah said...

We started a Facebook WME group! Join Gid!

joe lance said...

Just a point of clarification: as I understand it, it's not free medical benefits, just the availability of a group plan.

But let me be clear: that doesn't change the principle in any way, especially considering that Rutherford had no verifiable legal basis for serving in this term. She only has eight legit years on the books, so these three extra days until her 62nd birthday do not matter, as the rules specify ten years of service and 62 years of age.

alice said...

Thanks, Joe. I'll take out the word "free" -- as you say, that doesn't change the charges...