Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore's Day

Al Gore is a winner. Al Gore was right. One of the best things for Al Gore about winning the Nobel Peace Prize is that the sound bites are finally all on his side. For decades the two-term vice president has been championing environmental causes and until recently often received public scorn and derision. Now he's been rewarded with one of the most coveted prizes on the planet.

This reversal in Gore's fortunes is extraordinary. He's not only seen a rolling vindication of his environmental activism as the world becomes more consumed with combating global climate change, but his prewar warnings about the conflict in Iraq now look prescient. Meanwhile, George Bush—the other political scion with whom Gore will forever be linked because of their bitter election fight in 2000—has followed almost exactly the opposite trajectory. Unpopular and increasingly criticized by many in his own party, Bush's legacy will be the broken war. While Gore is lauded for his prescience and insight, Bush will for some time—perhaps forever—be best known for lacking those same qualities.

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For Gore's critics, today will be a day to rail, reiterating that global warming is a myth and the prize a purely political act. What did his actions have to do with peace? Is he really as great as Martin Luther King Jr., who also won the prize? The tide of popular sentiment will be against these naysayers. Some might have a point, but the majority of them will probably look lonely and bitter. They will be ridiculed for their obtuse views and maybe even parodied on Saturday Night Live as flat-earth wackos. They will, in short, have an opportunity to feel what it used to be like being Al Gore.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I guess I'm gonna look lonely and bitter.

My beef with the peace prize this year is, unlike last year's and the one awarded Wangari Maathai who is reforesting her part of Africa, I haven't seen Gore or the IPCC do anything besides throw statistics at us, researched by others. I guess somebody figured that was pretty important to creating peace, so...

Lonely & Bitter signing off.

alice said...

Heh! ;-D

Maybe they figured that getting the message out -- and then weathering the incoherent storm of hysterical opposition from the flat-earthers (here in the states, that was a staggering feat) -- was half the battle.

sravana said...

When in GHOD'S name is Al going to declare?

Is this hope completely pie in the sky??


alice said...

He better hurry.