Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good Riddance...

Thank goodness we no longer have Alberto Gonzales, shameless liar, dragging down America's karma.
The New York Times leads with word that when Alberto Gonzales was attorney general, the Justice Department issued secret opinions that authorized the CIA to use extremely harsh and brutal interrogation tactics when questioning terror suspects. The first opinion, which came soon after Gonzales took on the job, was issued two months after the Justice Department had publicly issued a statement saying that "torture is abhorrent." Then, while Congress was considering legislation to outlaw torture, the department issued another secret opinion saying that the standard imposed by lawmakers would not force the CIA to change any of its tactics.
It's too bad we have to wait to get rid of his boss, the heartless bastard who can't even back off of his traditional hard-line stance for the sake of our country's children (if you read the article, note how Orrin Hatch attempted to defend Bush, but all he could come up with was to basically call Bush is an idiot who can't think for himself and offers that since he's hanging around with mean people, he's making some bad choices).
President Bush yesterday vetoed a $35 billion expansion of a popular children's health insurance program, a move that left him as politically isolated as he has ever been and had even Republican allies questioning his hard-line strategy.
Whenever Bush talks about holding a hard line on the budget, are we supposed to overlook the fact that he's continuing to spend billions of dollars, off budget, for the stupidest foreign policy blunder in the history of our nation? Bush not only refuses to give these children health insurance, but he's also going to make them pay for his folly (if they manage to grow up despite him).

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davidm. said...

The baffling part of the SCHIP debate is that despite Bush's rhetoric against the single-payer system, he supports a 20% expansion of the program - just not the size and scope of the current Democratic bill.