Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Creature

Here's yet another penguin from the Tennessee Aquarium. This week I've got a rather surly looking macaroni penguin (as opposed to last week's very distinguished gentoo penguin).

Things are about to get really crazy for a little while here at Chez 10K (in a good way!), so if things get quiet in the coming week, never fear! I shall return! In the meantime, enjoy a few of the week's creatures!

And have a wondertastic weekend!


sravana said...

not one I'd enjoy meeting in a dark alley, that's for sure.

Except, of course, they're really short. ;) ;)

alice said...

Yeah, they're maybe even as short as you!

/me ducks and runs! ;-D

PetMono said...

a friend just returned from the galapagos islands. i am forwarding this shot to her and i hope you two exchange your great images.


Bos said...

I love the penguins at the Tenn Aquarium! Never quite appreciated how fast those buggers really are.

sarala said...

Maybe I should have commented before I hit the return key. Nice photo. Penguins are very photogenic.