Tuesday, October 23, 2007

City Council Votes Unanimously To Fight Littlefield On Rutherford Benefits

This comment demonstrates just how ridulous this situation has become (from the chattanoogan.com):

A resolution and an ordinance presented by Councilman Leamon Pierce directs that the city administration not be allowed to hire anyone who has resigned and then had an ouster lawsuit filed against them.

Perhaps Rutherford and Littlefield should be asked to foot the bill for all this stupidity, or does their sense of entitlement extend to expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill every time their senses of entitlement get out of control?

The council also hired its own attorney - Roger Dickson - to advise it on the issue. City Attorney Randy Nelson said he could not represent either side in the unusual clash between the council and the mayor.

The Times Free Press also has coverage:

The council also passed a related resolution stating that a "disqualified person" cannot get medical benefits upon his or her resignation. Both the ordinance and resolution were submitted by Councilman Leamon Pierce.

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