Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cartoon Villain

As soon as I saw the Daily Show on Thursday night, I started looking for an online clip. Jon Stewart was absolutely brilliant on the subject of SCHIP. And now, if you missed it, both onegoodmove and Crooks & Liars have the video, or you can watch it here -- for as long as it lasts, anyway (see more from Thursday night's show here, here and here).


sravana said...

Thanks, Alice.

TDS - the only reason to have a television. Oh, that, and 24. ;) (of course, I don't have a TV currently, so thank ghod for the intertubes!

Chris in Oxford said...

This whole S-CHIP thing is just silly. It would cost $7 billion a year to insure 5 million kids. We've spent over $600 billion to date in Iraq. If the Democrats lose this they are completely incompentent. All they need to do is beat the Republicans at their own game. Say: "Republicans hate poor kids." over and over.

Arrgh, see why I'm an expatriate. We get Stewart's show in the UK - my favorite source of "news".